The classrooms are quite spacious, about 800 sq.ft. each. The class strength is around 40 from classes LKG – III and around 30 from classes IV and above. Classes LKG – III have two teachers system.

The School devotes 30 minutes for the morning assembly. Monday Assembly is a common assembly for the whole school. The duty teacher hoists the National Flag and gives a talk. Prizes are distributed and the Principal addresses the school. On other days we have level wise assemblies at different locations.

The children are given opportunities to develop confidence and competence by performing in assemblies.

Parents are invited to spend a day in school and give their valuable feedback.

  1. The evaluation of students is done on the basis of unit tests, Terminal examinations and Internal Assessments.
  2. There is no system of ranking the students in their classes based on academic performance.
  3. Students who miss a test or an examination due to medical reason must submit a medical certificate.
  4. Any attempt of malpractice during a test/examination is viewed very seriously by the school.
  5. As per the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations following grade awarded:
Marks Range GRADE
90 - 100 1
80 - 89 2
70 - 79 3
60 - 69 4
50 - 59 5
40 - 49 6
< 40 F


We have also initiated Quality Circles in our school. Students work in groups, identify problems in school and come out with solutions to solve the same. This helps to build up team spirit, enhance analytical abilities and presentation skills.


We introduced Day Boarding facility in June 2005 in order to facilitate longer duration of schooling for students of class VI and above. We provide snack and soup in the morning break, lunch at mid-day to ensure that the students get nutritious diet.


Appropriate physical activities keep the kids hale and hearty. Classes LKG – III have Sports activities and Classes IV –V have EPL match designed by Edu Sports - Sports Village. Seven persons are deputed from Edusports to train the teachers and monitor the activities.

The school has a House System. . The students of classes IV and above are divided into four Houses- Anbu (Love), Aram (Righteousness), Arivu (Knowledge) and Arul( Grace). Points are awarded for the different Inter-House competitions. Apart from these, points are also awarded for academics, based on the average performance of the House in the unit tests and terminal examinations. The house which scores the maximum points bags the Cock House Championship.

“Education is nothing but to teach a child to think”. This is one of the best loved quotes ofAlbert Einstein. You all are aware that the vision of our school is to develop Confident, Competent and Compassionate citizens through value based quality education. Keeping this in mind, we, the science teachers put our heads together to spot talents and nurture them through science projects……Thus the SCIENCE FORUM took shape. It is an effort ‘of the students, by the students, for the students as well as the parents!!’ You might wonder why it is ‘for the parents’? We feel that as Children are supported physically, intellectually and emotionally by the parents, it is best to display it to the parents so that they can, question, appreciate, applaud, encourage and, be delighted to see their wards fulfilling the vision of the school.

The science forums are open to class seven and eight students who, at the door step of their teens have lot of potential energy ready to be converted to kinetic energy.


Every class is taken for a field trip once a term.

  1. Classes IV to VIII are taken on Outward Bound Camp to stay overnight
  2. Class IX attends the value camp.
  3. Classes IX to XII are taken for trekking and camps as part of IAYP



The camps help our children to imbibe good values. These camps also help to bring the teachers and the students closer. In Lakshmi School, there is a good rapport between the staff and the students.


"The International Award for Young People” Programme (formerly called " The Duke of Edinburgh Award " ) was introduced in the year 2003-04. Under the IAYP, students go long distance trekking and learn to plan, trek and cook. They also learn to get along with each other, share and care. Students have been going to Palani hills, Kodaikanal and Masanakudi in the Nilgiris.

Every year cross-country race is organized for classes IV and above. Students run through the fields and wasteland in the neighbourhood, covering a distance of nearly 3 to 5 km and finally end the run by crossing obstacles set up in the school campus. Teachers and parents also accompany the students to motivate them.

We have 48 classrooms with Smart Boards and for visually aided learning with subject content from Extramarks. Smart classes are introduced from the academic year 2008 – 2009. Technology has entered the classrooms through Smart Classes where the classrooms are equipped with a system and a display panel with modules for various subjects. Apart form making the classes interesting, they help in better retention as they hold the concentration of the students through the enchanting visual elements.

On Fridays the four Houses – Anbu, Aram, Arivu and Arul take turns to give a short entertainment programme. Talent in each individual student is identified and brought out. The programme is organized by the students themselves.

The school celebrates the following in a grand manner to promote active learning and participation

  1. All religious festivals
  2. National Days
  3. Hindi / Tamil / Mathematics Day
  4. Poetry under the stars
  5. Grand parents’ day
  6. Mass Painting for a good cause



Debate, Declamation, Dance, Drama, Vegetable carving, flower arrangement, Spell Cricket, Science projects contest and Singing Competitions are conducted among the four houses. The purpose is to make the pupils more confident and competent. The competitions enhance the house spirit and team spirit in them.



Our old students and their activities in various universities bear testimony to the quality of education they have imbibed from Lakshmi school.

To kindle the interests of our young readers, a new library has been instituted in the Junior block which houses 12,000 books.

We have a spacious library in the Senior block with a collection of 20,000 books, all belonging to various genres. A browsing hub is also a part of it. Students and the Staff use it extensively.

A large auditorium, with a seating capacity of 1500 people, equipped with Electro-Voice , which is a high power, two way front loaded loud speaker system.