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Why Choose Us?

Lakshmi School promises a relaxed environment for learning. It boasts of a pristine surrounding. The green canopy dotted with golden shower trees laden with yellow blossoms and temple trees with pink and white flowers, set the ambience for a happy schooling. The imposing infrastructure is complemented by a team of friendly and motivated staff. The ICSE and ISC curriculum offers scope for creativity and out -of -box thinking. Through a rich curriculum, pupils are groomed to be confident, compassionate and competent citizens of the world.

“ At Lakshmi School, we follow an innovative curriculum, to provide overall development of children rather than remain textbook centric. Here, the learning process is a joyful experience. “


Confident, Competent and Compassionate citizens through value based quality education.


The School shall endeavour to

Draw out the best in each child and provide opportunities to bloom in the process of experiencing joyful learning.

Strive for academic brilliance and facilitate individual allround excellence.

Impart learning from which results righteousness

Instil lasting Indian values in the child.

Spot talent and nurture with patience and perseverance

Teach to appreciate the dignity of labour.

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