The School shall endeavour to  
Draw out the best in each child and provide opportunities to bloom in the process of experiencing joyful learning.  
Strive for academic brilliance and facilitate individual
allround excellence.
Impart learning from which results righteousness  
Instil lasting Indian values in
the child.
Spot talent and nurture with patience and perseverance  
Teach to appreciate the
dignity of labour.
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By knowledge one finds immortality

Far from the madding crowd from the noise and bustle is the spring of knowledge
- Lakshmi School The sprawling campus, the green lawns, the awesome architecture and the happy children
complete the picture of happy schooling at
(Affiliated to CISCE, New Delhi)

Example Frame
Divine Presence in Lakshmi School Campus.
The serenity of the rural landscape sets the right ambience for the spontaneity that a child shows in acquiring knowledge. Here, learning is a joyful experience. Students and teachers motivate each other to explore new horizons of knowledge. The aim is at developing a scientific temper in the pupil without compromising on the creative side. It's our endeavour to transcend narrow domestic walls to usher in the era of globalisation.