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Lakshmi Vidya Sangham (LVS) is a trust run by members of the TVS family. TVS Higher Secondary School and Primary School at Jaihindapuram, TVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School at TVS Nagar, Lakshmi School at Veerapanchan, Lakshmi Matriculation School at Veerapanchan are run by LVS. The aim of LVS is to provide quality education to the students enrolled in its schools.

Confident, Competent and Compassionate citizens through value based quality education.

Lakshmi School promises a relaxed environment for learning. It boasts of a pristine surrounding. The green canopy dotted with golden shower trees laden with yellow blossoms and temple trees with pink and white flowers, set the ambience for a happy schooling. The imposing infrastructure is complemented by a team of friendly and motivated staff. The ICSE and ISC curriculum offers scope for creativity and out -of -box thinking. Through a rich curriculum, pupils are groomed to be confident, compassionate and competent citizens of the world.

Welcome To Lakshmi School


“ At Lakshmi School, we follow an innovative curriculum, to provide overall development of children rather than remain textbook centric. Here, the learning process is a joyful experience. “

Elcy , Praveshini, Nishika, Harshitha , Meha , Sabareesh, Kishan, Yash Yuvan of IX std.

They have secured First place in 21st International Convention on Students’ Quality Control Circles organized by Daffodil International University,Bangladesh.   Read More >>

Nov 22, 2018

Math Symposium for classes IX and XI

Nov 23, 2018

Science forum - VII F

Nov 24, 2018

Open House - Class IV

Nov 26, 2018

Open House - LKG

Nov 27, 2018

Open House - UKG

Nov 28, 2018

Open House - Class I

Nov 29, 2018

Open House - Class II

Nov 29, 2018

Math forum - VIII E

Nov 30, 2018

Open House - Class III

Nov 30, 2018

Science forum - VII G